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Manufacturers of Wear Plates in Mumbai

22.05.2020 13:26:31 -

( - Hardox 500 is abrasion resistant steel with an ostensible hardness of 500 HBW. Average applications are segmented and structures subject to wear.

Hardox 500, Hardox 500 wear plates, Hardox 500 wear resistant steel plates is a bendable and the weldable abrasion resistant plate which is utilized as a part of uses that request higher wear resistance.

Hardox 500 is not planned for


further every heat treatment. It has gotten its mechanical properties by extinguishing and when fundamental by method for ensuing treating. The properties of the conveyance condition can't be held after introduction to temperatures in abundance of 250 C. Fitting well being and security insurances must be taken when welding, cutting, crushing or generally dealing with this item.

Crushing, particularly of first stage covered plates, may create dust with a high molecule focus.

Our extent is resistant to abrasion and is utilized as a part of different applications that oblige higher wear resistance. Also, these are utilized as a part of cradle receptacles, grizzly bars, measuring containers and skips, crushers, strainers, feeders, measuring pockets, skips, bleeding edges, transports, cans, blades, apparatuses, and sprockets. We are one of the bigest Importer,Stockist & Supplier of HARDOX 500 Plates in India.
Vandan Steel & Engg. co. is one of the leading importer & stockist of Hardox 400 steel. It has been tried in amazingly requesting conditions obliging high quality and fabulous scraped abrasion resistance. Hardox 400 (hardness 380-420 HBW) is a solidified steel, especially suited for long haul use in grating situations with high surface weight.

Our clients esteem the great cutting, bending and welding properties of Hardox 400 which makes workshop treatment simpler and more effective handling. Hardox 400 is accessible additionally as prepared to-weld parts, which accelerates your generation and makes it simpler than at any other time in recent memory.

We at Vandan Steel & Engg. co. supply Hardox Plates 400 is a wear-resistant steel grade. The number assignment demonstrates the normal Brinell hardness esteem: 400 HBW. Irrespective of its quality and hardness, weldability and formability of this evaluation is great. Chemical Composition Content %, most extreme (ladle analysis).
Vandan Steel & Engg. co. is a ABREX 400 Plate importers, suppliers and stockists, conveying to the entire of the world.We are having biggest stock and prepared load of around 1000 tons of ABREX 400 Plate in various size, grades and cuts.Our fabricating system is upheld by escalated in-house item assessment and testing and authorize to meet all the most perceived global principles, including ISO 9001:2008

Vandan Steel & Engg. co. has some expertise in ABREX 400 Plate .With 25 years of involvement in supplying and sending out ABREX 400 Plate we offer superb, lower cost however the best administration.

We are had practical experience in offering exactness designed ABREX 400 Plate , which are utilized as a part of different building applications and can be benefited in different evaluations likeABREX 400 Plate, Abrasion Resistant Steel Plates these evaluations are accessible as Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate

ABREX 400 steels are the most for the most part used of the wear safe assessments. ABREX 400 demonstrates a phenomenal solidification of high imperviousness to impact, workability, weld limit and imperviousness to scraped area. ABREX 400 has around 3 times the scraped area resistance of ordinary steel plate and helps drawing out the organization life of mechanical parts.
Abrex 500 is a wear resistant plate series form NSSMC.

The utilization of abrasion resistance ABREX 500 steel plate particularly lessens the weight of structural parts presented to serve grating conditions. Contrast and consistent steel, ABREX steel plate decreases structural weight and conveys monetary benefits. Selection of elite abrasion resistant ABREX 500 will delay the administration life of apparatus and part.

ABREX 500 is through solidified abrasion resistant steel with a run of the mill hardness of 515 BHN. ABREX 500 PLATES are the most generally utilized of the wear safe evaluations. ABREX 500 plate display an amazing blend of high resistance to impact, workability, weld capacity and resistance to abrasion. ABREX 500 plate has around 3 times the scraped spot safety of basic steel plate and helps drawing out the administration life of mechanical parts.and ABREX 500 from 05mm ~ 50mm thickness.

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